Welcome to Metro Mommy Agency, where we work tirelessly to help you #birthbetter!!

Are you, or someone you know, a woman who:

  • is currently pregnant?
  • is overwhelmed with navigating through the healthcare system?
  • has no time to take care of herself?
  • needs help with her weight, eating healthier or meal planning?
  • wants to learn more about how to have a positive birth experience?
  • needs support during labor and delivery of her child/ren?
  • is struggling with the demands of the life of a mother
  • needs a break from shopping for and cooking breakfast, lunch or dinner?
  • needs some serious relaxation & break away from her child/ren?
  • has little or no support from family and friends?
  • wants to do a better job mothering?
  • needs a friend or a listening ear?


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We believe our vision and mission can help any woman!

YOU CAN BE IN CONTROL.  I come to you when you are ready to learn- in person OR virtual & LIVE ONLINE! 

YOU CAN FINALLY THINK CLEARLY. You will focus on what’s most important to know for your birth.

YOU CAN LEARN WHENEVER YOU WANT.  In person (if you’re local in South Florida) or online only (if you’re far away).  It is just that convenient and quick.

YOU CAN LIVE A HEALTHIER LIFESTYLE. You will learn how to eat healthier and do time-saving & money saving meal planning.

YOU CAN GIVE BIRTH WITH CONFIDENCE.  I will share tips and exercises you can do to potentially shorten labor and prevent birth trauma.

YOU CAN BE PAMPERED DURING YOUR BIRTH. In your birth setting. From start to finish, I am continuously there to walk you through each wave that will bring your baby into your arms.

YOU CAN BE A BETTER MOTHER. You will be able to apply techniques I have researched and experienced with my 4 boys to help you struggle less with the demands of the life of a mother.

YOU CAN DO SELFCARE WITHOUT ANY GUILT. You will learn how to create time for you.

YOU CAN BE SOCIAL AND RELAX. You will be able to finally get some serious relaxation in & break away from your kids when you join in on some online and live “Metro Mommy ONLY” events for exclusive subscriptions.

YOU CAN DEPEND ON AT LEAST ONE PERSON- YOUR DOULA. You will supported whether or not you have help from family and friends.

YOU CAN BE INSPIRED. You will do want to do a better job mothering even if you don’t have the drive anymore. **WARNING**: I am known to be a good influence and inspiration.

YOU CAN VENT AND SHARE WHAT’S REALLY ON YOUR MIND. You will have a doula- a friend– a listening ear at each step as you embark on your pregnancy and/or breastfeeding journey.

All it takes to get started is a free 30-minute consultation to discuss how our services can enhance your pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding experience and parenting.


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Our Mission:

– To influence, enlighten and serve women with support and education to navigate through their journey into motherhood and become healthy contributors to the wellness of their society.

Our Vision:

– Communities where birth disparities are eliminated as women, fully equipped for birth and beyond, build healthy families with confidence.


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  1. Hello I am so glad for your inquiry. I am a doula and mother of 3 expecting her fourth. I know quite a bit about childbirth, breastfeeding, and parenting. During my journey into motherhood, I found that I just enjoy connecting with moms from anywhere in South Florida. I want to facilitate a safe space and environment for some of my clients and am hoping that some of my services can be helpful to your family as well. The cost of admission is just the Funderdome group rate which is on their website. Other than, that there are no other caveats! Hope you can attend and enjoy some playtime with moms and your kids should you choose to bring them! 😉


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